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The Early Support service

About Early Support service

The Early Support service is here to help identify problems that you may be having as a family as soon as possible and working with you to help you find solutions.   The problems may be:

  • Difficulties with life as a family and routines
  • Children's behaviour
  • Your confidence as a parent
  • Relationships in the family
  • Children's safety

Early Support can be about preventing problems in the first place, helping when they do occur or involving specialist services when they are needed.  

What does the Early Support Service do?
  • Helping you work together as a family
  • Encouraging better behaviour in your children
  • Building confidence in your parenting skills
  • Encouraging positive family relationships
  • Supporting parental relationships and reduce conflict in the home
  • Keeping children safe
  • Helping you manage your family routines
  • Working with your child around family and peer relationships
  • Finding out about other services who could help you

Our teams have a wide range of skills and experiences and we work flexibly to support families in different ways, such as working one to one, in groups delivering support in the community and online.

The Early Support Service is one of a range of services within the Early Support Partnership helping families to find ways to resolve their issues. We work closely with partners in Community Hubs across Kirklees which link together schools, early years and various other agencies. 

More information about the Early Support Partnership can be found in their leaflet (opens PDF in new page), you can also speak with your child's school (if they attend one).

Parents, carers, family members or young people can ask the Early Support Service for help by completing this Request for Support form which is on the Early Support website (opens form in a new window).

The Early Support service can offer:

  • Family Support
  • Parenting Team help
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Youth work
  • Play schemes
  • Children's Centres

The Early Support Service can support all families, children and young people living in Kirklees who have children from pre-birth up to their 19th Birthday, or 25th Birthday for young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.   

We offer a wide range of support to help you manage family life including caring for children with additional needs.  We also work closely with colleagues in the Children with a Disability service to make sure you can access the right support for your family.  

The Early Support Service works closely with schools and early years settings (such as nursery's) in Kirklees, if your child is accessing a Kirklees school or early years setting, please speak to them first  about accessing extra support as they know you and may be able to help you.  If they can’t provide the support, they will talk to us about how we can help. 

Parents, carers, family members or young people can contact the Early Support Service by going to their new website (opens page in new window), which has an online form to fill in.

After you've completed the form the team will respond as soon as they can to provide you with information or contact you to discuss how they can help.

They may need to ask you more questions to find out what help you need.

Other ways to contact the Early Support Service:

01484 456823
9am - 5pm weekdays except Bank Holidays

Last updated: 02/10/2020

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