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What if you are worried about a child?

If you think a child in Kirklees is being abused or mistreated or you have concerns about a child’s well-being you should call and speak to someone at one of the following numbers:

All calls concerning worries about children are treated seriously. You will be asked where the child lives and who looks after the child. Enquires will be made and if it is found that a child is being abused or is at risk of significant harm professionals will work together with the family to ensure that the child can be protected.

Kirklees Children Services leaflet A Brief Guide to Reporting child abuse in Kirklees contains more information.

More information can be found on the Kirklees Safeguarding website

The $#*! Kids Say is a short film by the NSPCC, asking you to trust your instincts when you think things aren’t quite as they should be.
Last updated: 05/10/2020

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