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You said, we did 2021

The comments below are from the 2021 Local Offer report, we have used these comments to help shape the new Kirklees Local Offer.  We want to continue to work with you on the further development of the Local Offer to make it what you want it to be.  If you would like to make a comment, please use the comment buttons at the bottom of any Local Offer page or send us an email at or call 01484 416919. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


(January 2021) "Moor End Visual Impairment specialist provision doesn't appear when searching for schools with VI support - Ethos Academy does instead"

"We edited other entries which were taking prominence to make sure Moorend VI was more prominent. We also added links from VI pages to Moor End VI provision".


(January 2021) "And what if I have a concern about an adult with learning difficulties that are not getting the help they need?? You have no way of reporting that!"

"We have previously created a page called "What about over 25's?" which explains where adults can go for support (signposting to "Gateway to care"). We have edited this and made it clear how to refer adults with learning difficulties for support, we have also passed this comment onto the commissioning manager for Learning Difficulties to see if there is a clear pathway we can communicate. We have also added links to the Adult Social Care Learning Disabilities Team page".

(January 2021) "Why don't schools know about the Local Offer?"

"We have worked closely with schools to promote the Local Offer through the existing ways that we send information to schools (such as newsletters, business communications and social media). We have also worked closely with SENCO's to promote the Local Offer and will be speaking at SENCONet (large meeting with all sencos in Kirklees) about the Local Offer."

(January 2021) "Parents are confused by the Thriving Kirklees Neuropathway, who does what? What is the role of CAMHS, Northorpe Hall etc?"

"We have improved the information on the Thriving Kirklees page, about which organisations make up this service. We spoke with commissioning managers within Kirklees who work with Thriving Kirklees and shared this feedback. We are also working on a visual pathway for Thriving Kirklees".


(January 2021) "Mum's-to-be need clear, concise information, with links to other organisations about toddlers with SEND. Need information about what is "normal" behaviour and what is considered to be cause for concern".

"Shared this information with the Early Years SEN team and asked them to consider if there is more information and guidance we can put on the local offer".


(January 2021) "Why do schools take different approaches to SEND? Why is there so much inconsistency. We need schools to identify needs earlier"..

"We have developed a "Senco and Professionals" area of the Local Offer to provide consistency with information and guidance that is given to school. We are also developing an advice service for schools so that they can get consistent support when they are working with young people with SEND.  We have also shared this feedback with SEND colleagues within Kirklees LA".


(January 2021) "What about those that live in nearby authorities?"

"We have created a page called "What if I don't live in Kirklees" containing information about neighbouring authorities and links to their Local offer pages".


(January 2021) "I couldn't find mention of the Adult ADHD and Autism Service, yet they provide diagnostic support, health intervention and have a Kirklees specialist social worker in post to support 18yrs+"

"We have added information in the Autism and ADHD pages about adult services from SWYPFT. Also updated "What about adults with learning difficulties and special needs?" page with information about Adult health services".


(February 2021)  "Hard to find information on behaviour especially anger and frustration"


"We have created a page called "How to deal with meltdowns" which gives information on how to spot the signs of a meltdown beginning, how to maybe prevent this, and what to do if one occurs. We have placed this in a more prominent place on the site so is easy to find".


(February 2021)  "My child's school doesn't understand when children are masking their needs - they can cover up their needs at school well but break down when they get home. Schools need to be better trained on spotting subtle signs on needs".


"We have contacted the school and shared the feedback. The school came back to say they were implementing training for all staff to help them spot the signs of child who may be masking their needs".


(February 2021)  "I’m looking for information on adult mental health for an 18 year old. I have typed in home based treatment team and enhanced mental health teams without success. If the information is there it’s not very accessible".


"We have produced a full page on adult mental health focusing on local and out of area help and also included videos and documents to help. We have placed this under the "health, wellbeing and mental health" section so is easy to spot"

We are also currently working with Adult Mental Health Single Point of Access to list all relevant teams and services and will update the Local Offer with this information as soon as possible"













(April 2021)"We love sports but don't know who offers something inclusive that we can access"

"We work with activity providers to offer training for them to be more inclusive and we are also increasing our range of activities on the Local Offer as well as asking at sign up if they are inclusive"


(May 2021)"Thriving Kirklees does not come up when you search for autism assessment"

"We have amended the wording in the Thriving Kirklees section so that when "autism" is searched Thriving Kirklees becomes the top search"



(May2021 Ravenshall KS3 and KS4)"We would like to see stuff that is important to us"

" We created videos on how to use the LO to find activities, how to use google maps to help you get around, Advice on what you can do in Kirklees. We have developed content around local offer pages including :Being happy and healthy, bullying, sleep, wellbeing. We have added links to Adults learning disability page and also added links to drug and alcohol support. We have also created Easy Read Health leaflets".



(May2021 Parents Listening Event)"

-No direct payments page or policy

-Search engine difficult to use and not bringing up clear results

-No Send strategy

-We have never had the Local Offer explained to us

-Scenarios type area – what do I do if? real examples of what to do with my child

-Access to commonly used forms for parents

-Avoid terminology ad acronyms


" We created a direct payments page with link to adults policy. Children’s holding policy in development. We have had the search changed to make it more logical to find what you are looking for.  We created a page on how we plan for SEND, who makes decisions, SEND Strategic commissioning Plan, Accessibility Strategy
and let you know who do we work with when developing the Local Offer. We have created a video called ‘what is the Local Offer? we sent this to parent support groups, shared to steering group to send to members and shared at all meetings.

We created a 'I need help with my child’ page supported by videos to help explain. We have ensured application forms clearly identified on relevant pages , EHCP , School transport etc. We have a jargon buster page. Embedded within  and we aim to review the content".



(June 2021)"The Children's Therapy Services do not clearly explain the referral pathways, who to complain to, what the criteria for referrals is.  They also don't reflect that normally therapists (such as SALT) will work with the child in school"

"We have added some referral criteria information to the SALT page.  We have also created a brand new page called Children's Therapy Services overview which explains how to services work and who to contact if there is an issue "


(June 2021) "Some parents said they couldn't seem to find the bits about the annual health check - even though its mentioned in the parents guide, and there is a separate section under health. "

"Edited PFA section and added link to Annual health checks page so that it is easier to find. "

(July 2021) "I have looked at the finance and benefits section and couldn't find anything about the Kirklees Benefits advice services "

"Added Kirklees citizens advice benefits contact information and link to BetterOff Kirklees which provides support around benefits "

(August 2021)"Ditch the welcome statement and promote the subheading to the main heading and tell visitors immediately what the Local Offer is"

"We have amended the main heading on the Local Offer front page to explain exactly what we provide and do"


(October 2021)"Couldn't find learning difficulties, need to make more simple need address dates and useful information "

"We have uploaded a how to use the Local Offer page that explains where everything is. We are also engaging with parents and young people to check that the website is easy to navigate. We have also done a Facebook question and answer to find out how people find navigating the site "



(October 2021)

Improve by finding out what people want/need and that it actually works/still exists. The Local Offer doesn’t really offer anything in reality"

" We currently get in contact with our service/activity providers every 6 months to check that everything we show is up to date and relevant. We have a Facebook page where we also post relevant articles and activities which are up to date at time of posting.  The Local Offer website is a resource to help sign post parents and carers and young people with SEND. As part of the ongoing development we are regularly in contact with parents via emails and face to face visits to help us understand what families need locally and where there may be gaps and make sure that this information is shared with the relevant services. We are listening and know that families want the Local Offer to be more than just a website and we are working on ways to get out into local communities so people can come and speak to us face to face to help them to understand what is available to support them."

(October 2021)" I'm trying to use the Kirklees local offer to get a list of high schools together that may be suitable for my daughter however the filter system is not working at all. I have reported it to SENACT but I am eager to resolve the issue as soon as possible because this seems to be the only place to gather information for SEND children.
Many Thanks "

"We have gone through/emailed all schools in Kirklees to access there accessibility policy and see if they are wheelchair friendly. We have then updated them on the Local Offer so when "wheelchair accessibility" is ticked in the filter bar all relevant schools show. We have also added keyword "wheelchair accessible" to the schools descriptions so that if the word wheelchair is search in the search bar the relevant schools also show here."



Last updated: 13/11/2020