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Exclusions advice for schools

Ethos Academy Trust carry out the statutory function around exclusion on behalf of Kirklees Local Authority. Schools should refer to the statutory guidance below when considering a permanent or fixed term exclusion.

There are certain groups of pupils with additional needs who are particularly vulnerable to exclusion. This includes pupils with EHCP's.

Head teachers should, as far as possible, avoid permanently excluding any pupil with an EHCP or a ‘looked after’ child. Schools should engage proactively with parents in supporting the behaviour of pupils with additional needs. In relation to ‘looked after’ children, schools should co-operate proactively with foster carers or children’s home workers and the Local Authority that looks after the child.

Where a school has concerns about behaviour, or risk of exclusion, of a child in one of these vulnerable groups, it should, in partnership with others (including the Local Authority as necessary), consider what additional support or alternative placement may be required. This should involve assessing the suitability of support for a pupil’s SEN. Where a pupil has an EHCP, schools should consider requesting an early annual review or interim / emergency review.

Information about Alternative Provision for those at risk of or have been permanently excluded can be found on the Local Offer professionals Alternative Provision page.

If a child with an EHCP is at risk of permanent exclusion, then discussions should be had with the EP service and with SEMH outreach.

SEMH outreach is provided by Ethos Academy Trust (EAT), lots of support and information be found on their website.

Statutory information about school exclusions can be found on this page.

Latest exclusions information and Covid-19

For all the latest information, guidance and advice regarding exclusions please go to this EAT page , there is also updated information from the EAT website below.

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Last updated: 07/12/2020