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Education Health and Care Assessments (including how to apply)

Within Kirklees Education Health and Care Plans are managed by a department called Sendact (Special education needs and disabilities assessment and commissioning team).   They manage EHC assessments, issuing EHCP's, EHCP reviews and commissioning education provision for children and young people with EHCP's.

SENDACT can be contacted on 01484 456888 or

The parental information page gives an overview of EHCP's.  It can be found here

Decisions to carry out an EHC assessment are made by a Decision to Assess group which meets every week to consider requests. 

We would encourage schools to speak with their EP, any outreach services involved or other external professionals involved with the child or young person before completing an EHC assessment.

Schools can also contact the Inclusion Support Offer to discuss potential EHCP applications.

Inclusion Support Offer page or call 01484 416440

The following documents can help to explain the EHC assessment process.

EHC statutory timescales

Equipment budget policy (covers what will be provided by the LA equipment budget and what is to be provided by schools)

Personal budgets in EHCP's policy

Blank EHCP (Word format)

Guidance on developing outcomes

Each Local Authority has created it's own version of an EHCP, they all contain the same sections but they look different.

Below is a blank Kirklees EHCP, this can be downloaded by clicking on the image or clicking the link below.

Kirklees Blank EHCP (downloads PDF in new window)


How long does the whole process take? 

The process for getting an EHCP takes 20 weeks, the process and all the steps involved in a request for assessment are highlighted in the image below - you can click on the image to open a clearer PDF version in a new window.

Last updated: 07/12/2020

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