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Help for SENCO's and education professionals - The Inclusion Support Offer

"The ISO talked through the situation with me, which reassured that I had made the correct decision already. She then discussed with me solutions to the problem."

The Inclusion Support Offer (ISO) is a service for education professionals who are working with children and young people with SEND. 

The ISO is part of the Kirklees SEND Local Offer, there are lots of tools, advice and guidance and help available for education professionals.

Professionals who may use this service include SENCO's, headteachers, class teachers and early education professionals (including those within the private, voluntary and independent sectors).

The ISO provides information, advice and guidance relating to anything to do with SEND this could be about any of the following:

  • Help with IEP's, support plans and provision maps as well as what other tools could be used, such as VSEND
  • Understanding what support is available from other services in Kirklees (such as from health and social care)
  • Help to understand what support can be put in place at a Quality First Teaching level
  • Academic progress of those with SEND
  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Transitions to another school or transitions into your setting

The ISO is staffed by two full time members of staff with extensive experience of supporting children, young people and families with SEND.  

"Really knowledgeable and supportive, lots of suggestions for parental support groups and with a referral to Family Support."

How do I access it?

There will be multiple ways for you to contact the Inclusion Support Offer team in the way that is most convenient for you. You can call our dedicated phone line or you can schedule a call (see below)

01484 416440

If no one answers the call, then please leave a voicemail as this will generate an email which goes directly to the ISO team

Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30-4.30, or submit a webform anytime, sharing a brief description of the reason for your contact and request a call back at a specific time during opening hours that fits in with your other commitments.

Schedule a call with the Inclusion Support Offer

This will open a webform in a new window which will ask you for key information that supports us to understand your query before the call, and where possible, pull together the relevant information, advice and resources to aid the conversation and supporting a positive outcome.

The form takes approximately 10mins to complete and requests the following information, many of which are simple tick boxes:

  • Information about the caller
  • Preferred contact time/date
  • What the contact is concerning
  • Brief description of the strengths and what has worked before
  • Brief description of the information or support required

"The ISO was amazing and was able to suggest services which we weren't aware of. It was also reassuring to speak to someone about concerns and issues and received support and guidance to move forward."

When you request a callback from the ISO team, the team will review the information you have submitted and do some background research to build up a picture of the case.

A member of the team will then call you at the agreed time to talk through the case, it may be that this will be something that will only require the one call or it may be that this will identify a longer piece of work.

Sometimes it may require further follow up work either via email/teams or through a face to face visit.  This will be discussed when the ISO team make contact.

To help ISO support the enquiry as efficiently as possible things to think about before contacting ISO include:

  • What is the behaviour in classroom like?
    Is this different at home?
  • What could be driving it?
  • Has the child or young person experienced trauma, loss or significant adversity?
  • What are the child’s strengths e.g. are they more confident in some subjects or learning
    situations than others?
  • What are your most pressing concerns?

"Gave ideas for agency referrals and community based activities not known to staff, gave examples of online training for staff/ parents to access."

"The ISO really helped me and everything she said happened. She communicated every step of the way."

Last updated: 10/01/2022

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