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Special Education Needs and Disability Inclusion Fund - SENDIF

What is SENDIF?

Every local authority must have a SEND (Special Education Needs and/or Disability) Inclusion Fund for all 3&4 year olds with special educational needs and/or a disability who are accessing their free early entitlement. The free early entitlement for 3&4 year olds is 15 hours per week over 38 weeks per year with up to an additional 15 hours per week for parents/carers who are working or in training.

The SEND Inclusion Fund (SENDIF) supports early years providers to meet the needs and support the inclusion of individual children with SEN and/or a disability. SENDIF is for emerging and lower level needs. Children with complex needs are funded through an Education, Health and Care Plan. As with other elements of early years funding, the statutory aspect of SENDIF should apply to children taking up their free early entitlement in any local authority. In Kirklees, SENDIF is also available for 2 year olds who meet the criteria for a free early entitlement of 15 hours per week over 38 weeks per year.

What is SENDIF+?

Kirklees Council also have an enhanced non-statutory offer (SENDIF+) for Kirklees parents/carers who are working. This reflects the Council’s continued commitment to ensuring that Kirklees children have the best start in life through early support and making sure that Kirklees working parents and carers of young children with SEND are not disadvantaged in relation to incurring additional costs or experiencing difficulties with locating a setting. SENDIF+ can be requested for:
• 0-2s where parents/carers are working; and
• 3&4 years olds where work commitment exceed the 30 hour free entitlement.

Which funding can be applied for ?

The level of support offered through SENDIF and SENDIF+ will depend upon:

  • where the parents/carers live;
  • the age of the child; and
  • where the early years setting is.
SENDIF Block Funding and how to use it guidance

The EYSEND team have produced some guidance around how to use SENDIF funding, this can be downloaded below.

Block funding and how it can be used (downloads PowerPoint document)

More information about SENDIF in Kirklees can be found here (downloads Word document)

SENDIF Application form (Downloads word document)

The latest SENDIF policy is available below:

SENDIF Policy (Downloads word document)

Last updated: 04/12/2020