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EHCP reviews

What is an EHCP review?

Where a child or young person has an EHC Plan it must be reviewed at least once a year by the Local Authority (LA). This is to ensure that it stays up to date and continues to provide the support the child or young person needs. Where a child or young person is in an education setting, the annual review preparation and meeting is undertaken within the setting, and recommendations are sent to the special needs department (SENDACT) to consider on behalf of the LA.

If the child or young person is educated at home, then SENDACT will discuss best how to carry out the review.

EHCP’s have to be reviewed every 12 months, this means that the LA has to let the young person or parent/carer know their final decision within 12 months of the date of the last plan (this date is found on the front page of the EHCP).

The young person (when over 16) or parent/carer can ask for a review earlier than 12 months, the reasons for this could be that there are concerns about the support being provided or there is a change of school place being requested.

After the review, the LA will make one of three decisions:

1. To maintain the EHC plan in its current form (the review meeting recommendation is acknowledged with the intension of no changes to be made). If this decision is made, then the LA will write to the parent/carer or young person explaining this.

2. To amend the EHC plan (The LA will send out a “Proposed Amended EHCP” which details the changes made following the review, this will go to school and parents/carers (or young person if over 16). If everyone agrees with these changes, then the LA will send out a Final Amended EHCP with a new date on it.

3. To cease the EHC plan (a proposal to cease the plan as a result of it no longer being required) – See “What happens to my EHCP”.

If you do not agree with the changes, there is an opportunity given to the parent/carer or young person over 16 to comment on the proposed changes and discuss them with SENDACT.

If you still do not agree with the decision the LA has made, you can make an appeal against their decision. The details about how to do this will be in the letter that comes with the Final EHCP. This must be done within 2 months from the date of the decision you are appealing.

Kirklees have produced a comprehensive guide to EHCP reviews, which can be found by clicking on the image or the link below.

Kirklees Guide to EHCP reviews (opens pdf in new window)


The latest EHCP annual review paperwork is available using the link below:

Kirklees EHCP annual review paperwork (downloads Word document)


The purpose of the EHCP review is to discuss and consider every section of the EHCP and make any changes that are needed.

Schools use specific review paperwork at the review which takes them through each part of the plan to make sure everything is discussed.

Kirklees have produced a very detailed leaflet about EHCP reviews.  This contains the answers to lots of questions about reviews. 

EHCP Annual Review Guidance (PDF 1.5 Mb, opens in new window).

If the child or young person is in an educational setting, then usually the review will be held in school by the school Senco, along with any other school staff who they feel need to be involved. 

If requested, SENDACT may attend the review – this is usually when there are significant concerns or if a specialist setting is required. 

Parents/carers will be invited to the review (unless the child is over 16, able to make decisions and has indicated that they do not wish for them to attend – See mental capacity assessments).  Parents can also bring along other people to support them in the review, it is a good idea to let the school know who will be coming to the review so they can make sure there is space for everyone. 

Last updated: 29/09/2020