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Alternative Provision (for school professionals)

What is Alternative Provision?

Alternative Provision refers to education that a student receives away from their school, arranged by local authorities or by the schools themselves.

The Department for education (DfE) have issued some guidance about Alternative Provision (DFE Guidance), (opens new page)

Local Authorities must provide education for children and young people who have been permanently excluded or who are too ill to attend school for some time. Schools have a duty to provide education for children and young people from the sixth day of a fixed term exclusion. Sometimes schools also need off-site education to help children and young people improve their behaviour or deal with their anxiety. Alternative provision may be used for the education of these children and young people. 

Alternative provision offers comprise a curriculum and approaches that re-engage learners with education and which meet their needs, as well as helping them to prepare to go back to school or prepare them for adulthood. For young people with an EHCP, a permanent move to alternative provision should be done with a review of the EHCP to name the new provision. 

Schools and the local authority may also use alternative provisions in neighbouring areas if appropriate: details of these will be found in the Local Offers for those areas.

The DFE Vision for Alternative Provision explains the governments vision for how they would like AP's to work.

In Kirklees, the Alternative Providers are:

The graphic below helps to explain the structure of AP within Kirklees 

Kirklees Alternative Provision Directory

The Alternative Provision's within Kirklees are working together to create an AP Directory which explains the offer from each of the AP's.

This also includes information about the cost of the placements, the curriculum, qualifications offered and who to contact.

This directory can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Kirklees AP Directory (downloads MS Word file)

Last updated: 22/06/2021

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