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Locala Children’s Continence Service

For all issues around weeing, pooing, bed wetting, soiling and any other toileting issues Kirklees has a service called the Continence service.

The Kirklees wide Children's Continence Service is a 'One stop shop' for assessment, treatment, investigations, management plans and continence products. The team also work with the child/ young person and carers to promote and encourage self-care, where possible.

We work with the nurse advisors from the product company to ensure a suitable containment product is provided. They supply a range of nappy products and pads and the continence nurses will work with the child/young person and the family to select an appropriate product to meet the needs of the child/young person dependant on the continence issue.

Children are not eligible for continence products until they reach 4 years of age. In line with current guidance and policy there is a limit of up to 4 products that will be provided but this is dependent on which product the child uses. The containment product (i.e. nappy/pad) will be reviewed annually or sooner if needed to ensure that it still meets the needs of the child or young person.

The service is for children & young people from birth up to their 18th birthday with a range of continence issues affecting the bladder and/or bowel such as:

Bed wetting

  • Soiling
  • Day wetting
  • Toilet training
  • Constipation

The service works with all children and young people including those with additional health needs/complex needs.

Once the young person reaches 18 years of age they will transition over to the adult continence service which is still part of Locala. When they do move over they will be reassessed by the adult team using the adult commissioning guidelines.

We take referrals from a variety of health professionals such as:

  • GP
  • Health visitor
  • School nurse
  • Consultant/paediatrician
  • Community nurse
  • Hospital

The referral should be done via the online referral form which the health professional can access or via our Single Point of Contact phone number which is 0300 304 5555 (choose option 1)

When our admin team receive the referral, the continence nurses look at these within 2 weeks of the referral being received to see what the reason is for the child/young person being referred. The family are then contacted by letter and offered a clinic appointment. This may be a telephone appointment or face to face. If the nurses need more information before the first appointment, they may ask for a 3-day bladder/bowel diary to be sent out with your appointment letter. This will allow them to get a picture of the toilet/continence routine of your child.

We run Kirklees wide clinics on a weekly basis & all face to face clinic areas are wheelchair accessible. There will be access to a disabled toilet at the health centres but there is no access to a changing places toilet. We do not provide transport.

Contact number: Locala Single Point of Contact Phone 0300 305 5555 (option1).

There is some good advice for toilet training available on this leaflet produced by the Portage service (click image to open a PDF in a new page):

Last updated: 12/10/2020

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