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Care Homes

A care home provides a home and support for people who need lots of support in their lives. All care homes should be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which makes sure they meet certain standards.

More information can be found in the “A home of my own” leaflet (opens new page)

Care homes with nursing are for people who need onsite nursing support.

Care homes are staffed up to 24 hours a day and can vary greatly in size.

You will have your own bedroom, but all other facilities in the home are shared with the other residents. A care home is a home for people who share a similar disability.

If you live in a care home, most of the money you receive will pay towards your accommodation, food and care costs. You will receive a small personal allowance for your other expenses.

If you think living in a care home might be a good option for you, and you need support, speak to your social worker or contact Gateway to care on 01484 414933.

Your social worker will assess you and work out the best way to get the most appropriate housing and support that meet your needs.

The care home will look after your care, cooking, housing and support and most of the financial aspects of your placement are managed on your behalf
There will be other people to talk to and socialise with in your home
Standards of care homes are monitored by the Care Quality Commission

You have limited choice and control about who you share the care home with and share most of the facilities with other residents
You would only get a small personal allowance each week to spend how you want to
You would have less security on how long you could live in a care home.

Last updated: 11/08/2020

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