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Adaptions to your home

Adaptions and Equipment from the Accessible Homes Team 

If your child has a disability they could be eligible for adaptations or equipment provided by Kirklees Council funded through the Disabled Facilities Grant. You are eligible for this funding if you are private homeowner, private tenant or council tenant. 

The team who provide this support are called the Accessible Homes Team. 

The Accessible Homes Team can also provide adaptions and equipment for over 18’s too. 

You may be able to receive help to allow your child to:

  • Safely access the property including ramping, step lifts, shallow steps and hand rails
  • Door widening to facilitate wheelchair access to rooms within the home.
  • Safely access their bedroom and bathroom
  • Safety adaptations and equipment to prevent your child from leaving the home unsupervised. We also provide equipment to keep your child from hurting themselves at home such as wall padding and window protectors
  • Ground floor bedroom and bathrooms
  • Bathroom adaptations to increase independence bathing and toileting

If you are struggling to care for your child or keep your child safe due to your physical home environment please get in touch with the Accessible Homes Team on 01484 225 335.

You can also email them at 

We accept self-referrals from parents & carers so you can call to speak to our duty officers from Monday – Friday 10:00- 15:00 to submit a referral on behalf of your child. Our duty officers will ask you for information regarding your child’s medical diagnosis and a brief summary of the issues that are experienced at home. Once the referral is received it will be allocated to a member of the paediatric assessment team who will get in touch with you to arrange an assessment (this may now take place over the phone).

The team can also accept referrals over the phone for young people over 18’s from the person themselves.

During the assessment the assessor will aim to gain a more in-depth picture of your child’s function within the home. This will include asking about your child’s mobility and behaviours. This will be a time for you to discuss with us your concerns and help us understand your child better so we can suggest the best solutions for your child and your family. It may be a simple solution which is needed or a more complex solution which could involve building works within the property.

Last updated: 12/10/2020