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Local Offer brand

  What is the Local Offer?


  Coping in the heatwave

Map of a heatwave

  Keeping healthy when it is really hot

Nurse with PPE

  Covid-19 vaccinations

Taking nasal swap

  Going for my flu jab (vaccine)

Using email on computer

  Getting a health check online

NHS letter

  Health checks at the doctor's

Jigsaw with word SEND

  The law and special needs

Someone thinking

  Making decisions and the law

Becoming an adult

  Becoming an adult


  Going to the dentists

Online safety

  How to stay safe online

Access to work

  What is Access to Work?


  What is ADHD?

What if something bad happens

  What to do if something bad happens

easy health

  Lots of easy read guides about staying healthy

Last updated: 02/02/2021

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