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How to use the Local Offer

About the Local Offer website

Kirklees Local Offer website is aimed at providing information about the support and services that children and young people aged 0-25, who have special educational needs and disabilities, and their families can get in one place.

If you struggle to find the information you need from the Local Offer or would like more help you can call the Local Offer team on 01484 416919 or send an email to  or call us on 01484 416919.
Please note, this site does not work properly with Internet Explorer.  We recommend that you use either Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

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Is there a way to make this website more accessible?

Accessibility toolbar

You can make this website more accessible by using the accessibility options in the top right hand corner of the screen.

There are options to increase the text size or display the website in high contrast.

You can also change the language on this website when using a web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This feature uses Google Translate.


Do you know what this button does?     The video below helps to explain it.

Browsealoud makes this website easier to access for those that need help with reading.  This includes those with learning difficulties, dyslexia, visual impairments, as well as those where English is not their first language.

It works by reading the words on web pages aloud in a human sounding voice.  There are a number of different ways that this works:

First, click the Browsealoud button at the top right of every page , then you can chose different ways for Browsealoud to work:

Reads the words under the pointer, you do not need to click the words.  

Reads the whole page out to you.  You can press to stop Browsealoud speaking at any time.

Will translate the page to allow it to read the site in your preferred language.

Will create pictures and symbols to represent the word highlighted.

Will create an audio file which you can download of the highlighted text.

Will create a screen mask to make it easier to focus on a small part of the page at a time.

Will enlarge text as it is read out loud

Will simplify the page

Will open a help page

Opens the settings page where you can change voice speed, speech mode, text size, screen mask settings, and themes.

Easy Read information 

This website offers some information in Easy Read format.

For more information, please see our accessibility statement.

The videos below help to explain how to get the best out of this site.

What's the best way to search?

There are a number of ways to find information on this website.

Type a search term into the search bar

You can enter a key word or phrase into the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon, or press enter on your keyboard.

You will be taken to the search landing page, where you can choose what section of the website you want to look at.

Clicking on the section will bring back all relevant results that contain this word in their title, description and address.

Browse the directories

The directories feature listings about services, schools and activities in Kirklees.

You can use the search bar to complete a keyword search and see results that contain your keyword.

You can also use the filters to refine your results and see listings most relevant to you.

Results can be sorted using the sort by options.

You can use your postcode and set a radius to see listings closest to you. Please note: you must enter a full postcode here.

Use the Parents or Carers Information and Advice page

The Information and Advice landing page shows all the areas of information available on the website.

Click on the topic you would like to read about to see what information pages are available.

Use the Young People's section

The Young People's area of this website contains information for children and young people.

Click on the topic you would like to read about to see what information pages are available.

Last updated: 11/08/2020