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Outreach from specialist support services

Sometimes schools require additional support and help to support children and young people with complex SEND.  Kirklees schools have access to specialist outreach support for all children and young people who need extra help in some specific areas.   Children and young DO NOT need to have an EHCP to access this service, it is based on the needs of a child or young person.

Within Kirklees there is specialist outreach support available to help in the following areas:

  • Visual Impairment (as well as providing Habilitation outreach support)
  • Hearing Impairment 
  • Physical Impairment 
  • Complex Communication and Interaction - CCI (including autism)
  • Social, Emotional and mental health (including behaviour issues and anxiety)

Within a number of Kirklees schools there are specialist provisions focused on supporting one of the above areas.  The specialist provisions are made up of teams consisting of specialist teachers and support staff who have practical experience of working with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in local mainstream schools

Specialist provision staff provide outreach advice and support to mainstream schools within Kirklees. Following referral an initial consultation meeting is held to determine the type of support needed.

If you think that your child could benefit from this support, you should speak with the school SENCO or SEN staff.

An initial meeting with school staff and parents. This helps to determine what support the Specialist Provision team can offer. This could include the following:

  • an observation of the pupil in school and other settings;
  • supporting schools to develop a clear package of support;
  • strategies to support the pupil in school;
  • direct support for the pupil involved, if appropriate. This may include modelling techniques for school staff to implement;
  • training and advice for school based staff;
  • liaison with other agencies with permission from parents;
  • linking with parents and carers;
  • offering advice for transitions, this can include key transitions such as moving from primary school to secondary school.

Specialist Provisions are located as follows:

Visual Impairment (as well as providing Habilitation outreach support)

Dalton School (Primary)

Moorend Academy (Secondary)

Hearing Impairment

Lowerhouses CE (VC) School (Primary)

Newsome High School (Secondary)

Physical Impairment

Newsome High School (secondary)

Complex Communication and Interaction - CCI (including autism)

Windmill C of E School (primary)

Honley High School (secondary)

Thornhill Community Academy (secondary)

Royds Hall Community School (secondary)

Social, Emotional and mental health (including behaviour issues and anxiety)

Ethos Academy Trust (Primary and secondary)


The child's school will make a referral as they are the first point of contact for families and already have lots of information and understanding of the child. The level of support that is required is based on the child in relation to their individual needs and their stage of development.

More information about how schools can make a referral can be found on the Kirklees Specialist Provisions (KSP) and Outreach page.

Parents can contact the service directly:


Telephone; 01924 483744

Sensory (hearing and visual impairment) and physical impairment 

Complex communication and interaction needs (CCI team) 

Social, Emotional and mental health (including behaviour issues and anxiety)

Ethos Academy Trust (Primary and secondary)

Parents and Carers “Phone-in” sessions.

Available Wednesdays during term time 10am-12pm for parents and carers of children nursery 2 to Year 6 who have been referred to the service.

Contact Naheed Akhtar, Claire Thorpe or Karen McKevitt

Telephone: 01924 483744 with:

  • Parent/carer’s name
  • Child’s name
  • Childs age/year group
  • Child’s school
  • A contact phone number

The Business Support Officer will put your call through to the appropriate team member.

Last updated: 19/11/2020

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