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Good mental health & wellbeing for young people with learning disabilities

This video can help you understand about Mental Health and where to get help.

It can be very confusing when you are worried or finding it hard to relax.  These videos might can help you to understand how to relax make sure you have a good day.



Anxiety and your body
5 things to do when feeling anxious
5 seconds breathing exercise
Balloon breathing exercise
Breathing exercises using your imagination
Explaining mindfulness and the 5 things exercise
My relaxing place exercise
How to relax the muscles in your body 1
How to Relax the Muscles in Your Body 2
Boredom Busters
How Do I Plan My Day
Managing Feelings after somebody has died

These videos are for parents or carers of young people with learning disabilities to help have conversations if they are worried, anxious or finding it hard to relax.  There are also some ideas to help plan a young persons day.

What is anxiety and what can help
Breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques
Supporting Others to Structure their day
Anxiety techniques for you
Maintaining wellbeing through a varied routine
Managing worries about illness or death
Understanding Behaviours that Challenge
Last updated: 29/09/2020