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Changing schools when you have an EHCP (including Change of Phase)

Moving or transferring to a different school

When a child or young person has an EHCP and parents/carers (or the young person when over 16) request to change or transfer schools, then this needs to be discussed at an EHCP review.  Information about EHCP reviews can be found on the EHCP reviews Local Offer page (opens new page).

This could be for changing mainstream schools or for a request for a more specialist setting.

If this is a transition or move to another mainstream school, once SENDACT have processed the review, they will write to the new school and ask if they can meet the child or young person’s needs as described in the EHCP. The new school can either say they can meet needs, or that they cannot meet needs. However, the final decision to place a child or young person within a maintained setting is made by the local authority.

If the child or young person has an EHCP any changes of educational setting are managed by SENDACT and not the normal school admissions route for those without an EHCP.

SENDACT can be contacted on 01484 456888 or 

When a child or young person moves from one to school to another because they have come the end of the age range of that setting, this is called “Change of Phase”.

This could be:

(a) early years education (ie nursery) to school.

(b) infant school to junior school.

(c) primary school to middle school.

(d) primary school to secondary school.

(e) middle school to secondary school; or

(f) secondary school to a post-16 setting (college, sixth form, apprenticeship etc).

When a change in phase of education is approaching, the current educational setting should hold an EHCP review in plenty of time to allow for the new setting to be consulted on the request for a place, this is usually the review the year before when the transition is due to happen.

For any move to another school up to a post-16, then the LA must name the new school in the Final EHCP by the 15th February of the year that the move is due to happen.

For moves to a post-16 setting, then , then the LA must name the new school in the Final EHCP by the 31st March of the year that the move is due to happen.

If a child or young person with an EHCP moves into a new area, then the parents/carers need to speak with the SEN department of the local authority to make arrangements to find a suitable school.

If you have moved into Kirklees and your child has an EHCP, then please call SENDACT on 01484 456888 or email 

It is a good idea to first speak with your current school and current Local Authority SEN Department before you move about this.

Last updated: 29/09/2020