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Social Care/Early Support - My Support Plan checklist for schools

Please consult with the Designated Safeguarding Lead Professional (DSL) in your school/setting for further support with completing this checklist.

 When completing Section 1: About me of the My Support Plan with the family determine if there is already an Early Support Assessment being undertaken or if there is a Team Around the Family plan (TAF) already in place?

Yes ☐ No ☐ If no, please go to question 2.

If yes:-

Consider using the information from the Early Support Assessment and/or TAF to help populate the child/young person’s My Support Plan.

Please consult with the Parents/Child/Young person and Lead professional to ensure they are happy for this to happen and to agree what information should be included in the My Support Plan.

The My Support Plan and TAF should be jointly reviewed when appropriate (ie. the TAF must be reviewed every six weeks so when the MSP is due to be reviewed the two reviews can be brought together). This will ensure that the outcomes, steps, targets and provision in the MSP are jointly reviewed, updated and aligned with the TAF and agreed with the family and all professionals involved with the child. Remember the ‘tell it once approach’.

  1. When completing Section 1: About me of My Support Plan with the family – Does this discussion alert you that the child/young person and their family might benefit from some early support?

Yes ☐ No ☐ If no, no further action is necessary

If yes:-

  1. If you identify additional unmet needs for a child that do not require intervention by social workers completing an Early Support Assessment (ESA) will help your understanding of what support will help the child and their family.
  2. Having completed the ESA, in conjunction with your DSL if you decide that a Team Around the Family (TAF) is needed follow the guidance on the Early Support pages on KSCP website. The child/young person’s My Support Plan must also be considered at the TAF meeting where it should be agreed how the relevant (ie. relating to the child/young person’s SEN) social care needs, outcomes and provision for the child/young person are detailed in their My Support Plan.

The Early Support Consultants can support you when completing the ESA or if you need support with the TAF plan. Call Early Support on 01484 456823 to speak to your local consultant.

Last updated: 21/01/2021