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Ethos Academy Trust

"When I first started Ethos College I thought it was just another school like my last one.  However, Ethos changed the way I look at life massively.  They turned my life around, helping me through my daily struggles and made me the man I am now.  Without them I would have probably been just another lad, out of work and sat at home doing nothing but now I have my own company and I'm living life to its fullest."

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Ethos Academy Trust comprises Engage Academy (Key Stage 1 & 2), Reach Academy (Key Stage 3) and Ethos College (Key Stage 4). Together, we provide wide-ranging support and / or educational opportunities for pupils with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs and for pupils unable to attend school for medical reasons. Trust staff work in partnership with schools, parents / carers and other professionals to support and promote the educational and social inclusion of pupils.

Ethos Academy Trust also offers outreach support which provides support for those with SEMH needs within Mainstream Kirklees schools.  More information can be found on the EAT Outreach page.

Engage Academy (Key Stages 1 and 2 - age 5 – 11)

At Engage Academy we offer a nurturing, safe, inclusive and friendly learning environment for pupils with wide ranging social, emotional and mental health needs, some of whom may have had fixed term exclusions prior to referral or been permanently excluded. The building of trusting relationships is paramount. We have extremely high expectations and our pupils achieve strong academic progress across the curriculum with an emphasis placed on improving pupils’ reading, writing and maths skills through personalised and creative learning opportunities.

We have a creative curriculum that enables all pupils, regardless of need or ability, to achieve their potential and prepare effectively to transition successfully to, and thrive in, their next educational setting. The curriculum aims to practically support pupils in a range of ways; offering support for well-being and social and emotional development, alongside developing their skills and talents across the wider curriculum. Pupils previously disengaged from learning re-engage with a newfound enthusiasm and zest for learning.

Engage Academy Local Offer and SEN Report

Reach Academy (Key Stage 3 - age 11-14)

Reach Academy is a well-established Alternative Provision for Kirklees children in Key Stage 3, specialising in supporting pupils with SEMH difficulties. The school offers full time education for pupils who have been excluded from their mainstream school or time limited turnaround placements for pupils at risk of exclusion from their mainstream school, to provide intensive intervention to support individual needs. 

We firmly believe that all pupils deserve the opportunity to be supported in their re-engagement with learning and school life through a stimulating, safe and welcoming environment were the curriculum is personalised to meet the differing needs and interests of all pupils. Our highly trained staff pride themselves on offering a nurture-based approach and educational offer that supports pupils and their families to ensure they achieve positive outcomes and are ready to move onto further success in their next educational setting. 
Our curriculum is designed to support pupils returning to mainstream school through a broad and balanced offer. Pupils access core and non-core subjects in line with the National Curriculum alongside lessons and personalised interventions to support pupils’ personal development and specific SEMH difficulties and learning needs. Weekly cooking sessions, health and fitness sessions and community projects are also planned to develop pupils’ life skills and their ability to be responsible citizens within the school community and their wider communities. 

We are committed to the promotion of inclusive support, raising standards for children with SEMH difficulties and improving their life chances. The academy values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils and celebrates success at different levels through our whole school rewards programme that complements our systems for positive behaviour and learning expectations. 

Reach Academy Local Offer and SEN Report 

Ethos College (KS4 – 14-16 plus medical provision for pupils KS1-4 – age 5 - 16)

Ethos is a well-established education provision, specialising in Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs, providing full time education for young people aged 14-16. We have a long-standing reputation for achieving outstanding outcomes with vulnerable students through our personalised curriculum. Our nurture-based philosophy underpins our practice.

At Ethos College we provide a caring, stimulating, safe and welcoming environment where learning is enjoyable and teaching is personalised to the needs and interests of individuals. Students are supported to fulfil their academic potential whilst developing the confidence and skills required to succeed in post-16 education, employment or training.

Ethos College is also commissioned to fulfil Kirklees Local Authority’s statutory duty with regard to the provision of education for children and young people who, because of their medical condition, are hospitalised and / or unable to attend mainstream school. 

The aim of this provision is, where possible, to support pupils towards reintegration into mainstream education. This is done at the earliest opportunity, working closely with school, the pupil, parents / carers and other agencies.

The Kirklees medical provision is offered in line with DfE guidance, which can be found on this document called "Ensuring a good education for children who cannot attend school because of health needs."

Ethos College Local Offer and SEN Report

Ethos College Outcomes 2019/20

"I came to Ethos College for the last six months of year 11 and felt really welcome.  The staff are amazing, they supported me as an individual and in my learning.  I achieved really good GCSE's at Ethos! 

Thanks to all the staff!"

Last updated: 11/12/2020

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